Reasons I don't do tattoo fundraising (<thinly veiled advertising begging) in no particular order.

1. I'm one guy. Even if I rushed from tattoo to tattoo like other studios that do this kind of pandering for promotion do, how much could I possibly make in one day. I don't rush. And I'm one guy because I care enough about each client that would pass through my doors, not to employ people of a lesser ability, just to take 25-50% of what they could make from tattooing the uninformed or unsuspecting client badly. It exploits the lesser tattooists and the clients that would be in a hurry.
2. Cross contamination. The more people you have lined up, walking in and out of the studio; coupled with tattooists trying to hurry to get to everyone, the greater risk of cross contamination and general health risk to those participating and the community as a whole.
3. I wouldn't care to broadcast all the efforts I might make to help others. Because no matter how much I may be able to do so, I know that others help me as much (if not more) than I could ever give back. Just by virtue of being, those different than myself contribute to the quality of my life. That said, I believe broadcasting is rarely done for the people that may be being helped, but for the ego of those "helping". On some level it might be using the misfortunes of others to elevate oneself. Awareness can happen in so many other ways.
4. Most places that do these publicity stunts know they are limited in time, so they limit the possibilities a client could get for a minimum donation. Forcing (well, using the clients enthusiasm to "help" and get a cheap tattoo against them) those clients to compromise on a decision that will be on them for life. If they know what they usually make on these days, why not just take a scheduled day+walk-ins that day (which would usually be bigger tattoos=more money) and just contribute that day?

So for all of you that share professional posts, make the efforts to come to me and give me trust, and pay me a fair rate, so that I may have time to personally do good things for others; thanks for noticing/supporting me for the right things I will always try to do. Not taking the easy sensational route probably isn't the easiest route, but if you've given the efforts and believed in how/why I do things...thanks for helping me do what I believe is right.
P.S. though I have strong opinions about this, I don't care how other businesses burn their name. I post this for those that haven't considered these positions, and I hope I might affect a positive in sharing my thoughts. So there is no need to get a hurried tattoo to be charitable. Find a local thing you want to support and just do it. Even your time might help others. Maybe you won't be able to brag about how "charitable" you are everytime someone asks you why you got your tattoo, but I promise it will still feel good to directly help others. You might even meet good/different people that you wouldn't meet getting a 15 minute tattoo....
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1 month ago

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Dustin ShearinI respect this brother! If I ever chose to get some artwork, I would definitely want your dedication for the best! I hope all is well! I finally finished out my degree over in Abingdon btw!2   ·  1 month ago

Taka CooperSounds like you jelly as fuhhhhk2   ·  1 month ago

Tashina Renea ParksZachary Elledge this is who done my tattoo. He's awesome.2   ·  1 month ago

Jody WoodsTaka what planet are you from? Apparently you have not seen his work. I was like most people and trusted local studios to tattoo me when I was young. Being an artist myself and understanding art theory I knew that I had made mistakes in trusting people to do quality work. So by word of mouth I met Cain. So now for the last 10 years or so Cain has cared enough to fix others f ups, and done even more work. Plus has done many on my wife. And his line work is first class and second to none... the first cover up he done still looks as good as the day it was done. The lines are straight, and the points are points. I have not seen your work but I'd bet money that it prob just as bad as the other artist around here that just care about money... I can show plenty of examples of Cains line work. Sorry if I come across a little harsh but it pisses me off when people talk shit when they have no idea what they are even talking about... I watched Cain do hours of line work today on my wife, part of it even on a big scar and it looks amazing as does all of mine and the countless number of people I know he has worked on... just my 2 cents...3   ·  1 month ago

Jody WoodsQuality line work over a shitty tattoo where I trusted a local artist with my body.. Cain cared enough to make it better.3   ·  1 month ago

Jody WoodsSome pretty damn good line work if you ask me..4   ·  1 month ago

Kevin Scott LawsonKory Bisker1 month ago

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Not many things are as bad an idea as spending your tax return on, a bad/hurried tattoo. And lately I've had reminders that we are coming up on tax season and I know that there will be many offers of a "deal" from tattooists trying to get the money the government didn't steal from you, only to charge you a higher rate for other tattoos or any sessions to complete your tattoo outside of their tax season special. So since it's been a few months, here is just a reminder of my consistent pricing structure.

*My rates for a single client 4-7 hour appt. Fri/Sat/Sun is 350$ but if you pay for 2 in advance at the time of consulation, its only 550$. (<that's a 150$ savings for planning ahead). My Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs single client 4-7 hour appts. are 300$ each. If you pay for 2 appointments in advance at the time of consultation, its only 500$. I am currently extending this offer to any client; not just those that live in Wilkes county. This is an open and transparent explanation of how pricing happens for multiple session art. but even smaller work is based on a rate between 65-80$ an hour. Compared to 100-125$ average that most studios charge. That is magazine quality work for much less than most walk-in/less published studios are charging. I also welcome any opportunity to do smaller/less than full session collaborations/art, as those ideas deserve as much care and consideration as larger art does. Feel free to share this with your friends, and as always, calling to schedule a consultation is always best. 8282430850

The thing I appreciate most about tattooing is the trust from loyal clients that make the effort to allow me to help them. By keeping my rates consistent I'm just trying to reciprocate the efforts and trust I'm given aside from the consideration I want to give every tattoo. Thanks for that trust. I can't say it enough.
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2 months ago

Friend/client Jason was in recently (he and Dave *posted below* work together) and he likes bold design theory with hard edges and sharp points. His wife has helped design most of the stuff we have collaborated on. The darkest part of this back tattoo was done (I think), like Dave's below, 10+ years ago. We just added the red recently. It's always a good time working with him. As always, feel free to share this with any friends or loved ones. ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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Michael HicksBoth of these guys are friends of mine and Jason has helped me more than I can describe. I've seen your work first hand on them and a few others including will Simmons. I can't believe that I've never met you, but that will change soon. I need some new ink and some cover up work. How you can help with some of the scribbled crap on me. Look forward to meeting you1   ·  2 months ago

Regena ZettsAnother work in progress.1 month ago

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My friend/client Dave is a hammer swinger, that reads a good tape measurer, and for a good while mowed many lawns as well. He is a hard worker. He works outside shirtless most days in the summer. He was in recently for a completely unrelated tattoo (I'll post it when finished) and while he was here I got a pic of his 10+ yr old tattoo. We had originally planned to do this in color, but he really liked black and grey (and since good tattoos don't necessarily need color and I'm not the boss of my clients) so we left it that way. My point is, even with all the stuff that happens in life (weight gain and loss, hard work in the sun, kids, etc.) my goal is to to do readable/legible tattoos with the thought and consideration needed for them to age well and hopefully grow with the clients no matter what changes happen in life. Thank to all that extend the trust that affords me the ability to do so, and to be here for others in the future. As always, feel free to share.... ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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Loretta McIntyreYou know this has always been my favorite ever since you showed it to me several years ago. You are the best1   ·  2 months ago

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Friend/client Adam was in recently getting the native influence collaboration we were working on buttoned up. The first pic is a close up photo to show consistency in curves, straight lines/line width, parallels, angles, and points. Note that these parallel and consistent points and line widths were drawn on freehand and placed on a body part that is a tapering cylinder. The other pics are overall shots you you can see how it suits his form. If time and consideration isn't spent to make outlines crisp and sharp looking, do you think an artist focus is where it should be in studio sanitation or equipment care? At this point in time, equipment should be mostly disposable. Thanks for looking. And as always, feel free to share with a friend or loved one. Spreading free information to keep people safe or help them in the future is the most rewarding part of what I do. Thanks for helping me continue to do that. ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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Angela LongI'm in love!!!1   ·  2 months ago

Stacy MontannaSuperb 👍👍1   ·  2 months ago

Jay HuffmanNice!1   ·  2 months ago

Karen LewisYou have incredible talent!!!1   ·  2 months ago

Charity Lyn ChicoineThat is beautiful!1   ·  2 months ago

Amy MabreyI still don't know how you get your lines so straight its like you use a ruler lol I know you don't. I love it2   ·  2 months ago

Brittany Kellerthose colors are gorgeous!1   ·  2 months ago

Stephanie WheelerKevin Sparks. This is my favorite.1   ·  2 months ago

Regena ZettsBeautiful.1   ·  2 months ago

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Hey Ohio, Pennsylvania clients/friends.... I will be in my Ohio studio a few days this month to see family, to do consultations and to do scheduled appointments. If you would like to meet with me during my time in my Akron studio this month, please feel free to contact me at 8282430850. I look forward to helping you. Attached is a pic of an unfinished tattoo on a friend, because pictures draw more attention than words. ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Hey, NC client/friends...due to snow cancellations (people that live 2 hours or more from here that couldn't safely get across the state) I was able to get a couple locals in earlier, so now I have possible openings later this week. Call if you might be interested in scheduling some time(if you are a current client/friend) or consultation within the next few days (if you are a new client or need help with a repair from somewhere else). I could do a consultation as early as later today (today is Sunday) or tomorrow. Cell is 8282430850 ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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Sarah JohnsonMaybe if I could decide which tattoo to get next... :/1   ·  2 months ago

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It's been awhile since I finished this one. I apologise for not having the before pics of this, but where he was stationed and his duty to the military kept his sessions pretty far apart. This is covering big, bold tribalism. But we used simple folds to obscure the original tattoo, fading into brighter tones/more interest than the original tribalism. I hope to see this after it heals so I can be super picky if it needs any touch up due to it being a cover up. Thanks again for looking. I appreciate all of the support I feel on a daily basis. ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

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Eric MahalaAwesome work man2   ·  3 months ago

Cynthia Denise SmithCody Alderson3 months ago

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